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Fabs at CARTOCON 2014, CZ

GIScience Emphasis
  • GEO 123 (formerly GEO113) GIScience and Remote Sensing II: Intro to Geographic Information Visualization, Lectures & Labs
General Track
  • GEO 246 Statistics in Geography, Lectures & Labs (-2013)

Specialized Masters in GIScience
  • GEO 661/662 Fundamentals / Project Management in GIScience
  • GEO 873 Cognitive Issues in GIScience
GIScience Emphasis in Geography
  • GEO 873 Cognitive Issues in GIScience
  • GEO 878 Geographic Information Visualization (Geovis), Lectures & Labs
General Track in Geography
  • GEO 410 Geography Matters (formerly: Thinking Geographically), Lecture and Labs (-2012)
MSc Geo-Information in Disaster Situations
(The University of Copenhagen | UNOSAT)
Student lab work (GEO454, FS2013)

student lab work (GEO454, 2013)

own sample interactive map (GEO878, formerly GEO454)

GIScience Emphasis
General Track
PhD Seminar II in Stels, FS2010

PhD Seminar II in Stels, 2010.

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